Refund Policy

The Consumer Protection code guarantees the possibility of returning your order within up to 07 (seven) consecutive days from the receipt of your order, and exchanges for manufacturing defects within the warranty period of 30 (thirty) consecutive days receipt.

Exchange or return requests
The client has a period of up to 07 days, counted from the receipt of the product, to make the return request for dissatisfaction through the email

My Beauty Brand will analyze the reason for your request and provide information and clarifications on how to perform the return to our Distribution Center.

At the time of the request, it is necessary to inform the order number and the reason for the exchange or return. Eventually more information and photos may be requested.

In case of exchange or return it is always good to observe the state of conservation of the product. The Product must be in good condition, unless the exchange is requested due to a malfunction.

As soon as the product is received at our Distribution Center, we will check if the conditions are really as reported and everything will be in accordance with the request to cancel the purchase.

Your rights
Customers will be able to return any purchased product within 07 (seven) consecutive days, counted from the receipt of the product, provided that the product is sealed, in its original packaging, without signs of use and in perfect condition. We emphasize that, in case the product is returned outside the conditions mentioned above, we reserve the right to proceed with the refusal of the exchange / return request due to regret.

Delivery error, product or packaging damaged
If the product packaging shows any damage or sign of violation, we recommend that you refuse to receive the order, make the reservation in the invoice and contact us immediately by email

But if the order has already been received and presents any of the situations above, we also request that, within 24 hours, counted from the delivery of the product, communicate to us by email In these situations we request that photos proving the damage to the packaging or the product be sent together with the email, as well as with the data of the holder of the purchase, order number and the respective date.

After receiving the product at our Distribution Center, an internal analysis will be carried out, and new information may be requested from the customer for a better understanding of the facts. We will have a period of 20 working days to present a response to the client, but we will do our best to have it answered beforehand.

Return options for the amount paid
The refund of the amount paid will be made according to the same payment method used at the time of order closing.

Return form of products
If approved by the Quality Control or due for legal reasons, the return of your product to the Distribution Center must be carried out by post or via carrier (The return follows the shipping rule) at no cost. For the postage option you will receive a link in your e-mail with information about the correct packaging of the product, the postage number and the information that must be included with the returned product. This will give you the right to post the product at accredited post offices. For collection, you will receive an email with all information about the carrier that will carry out the order pickup process. The procedure is simple and streamlines the exchange process.

Deadline for refund

  • Credit Card Payment: the credit card refund will be displayed on up to two invoices after the return is completed, depending on the card's expiration date. Depending on the procedure of the credit card issuing bank, the chargeback will be made on a single invoice, in the total amount of the purchase, regardless of whether the amount has been paid in installments, so that the customer can continue to be debited monthly, according to the installment made. (It is worth mentioning that if you have any doubts about your bank's refund policy, you should contact the operator directly for further details).
  • Payment with Boleto Bancário: refund will be made to the order holder's current account within 15 working days after the return is completed. If the customer does not have a checking account, and expressly requests the deposit to be made to a third party account, he will be instructed to fill out a document with bank details and sign the letter authorizing said deposit, together with a copy of the personal document containing his signature.
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